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Кино и музыка-пожалуй, нет человека, равнодушного к этим видам искусства. В динамичном ритме xxi века порой так хочется отрешиться от всего и насладится действительно потрясающим звучанием и исключительным качеством изображения, погрузиться в особый мир, созданный талантливыми режиссерами и актерами, ощутить всем телом рев гитар или расслабиться под волшебные звуки скрипки, рояля или органа. Получите незабываемые впечатления от просмотра фильмов и концертов, насладитесь звучанием, достойным лишь избранных. Опираясь на свой опыт, компания Open Sound подобрала для Вас лучшие бренды в области профессионального видео и аудио.
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Player P200 Features

Производитель: NuVo

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Streaming Services

The best tunes, without all the not-so-clever DJ banter - that's the beauty of your own personal radio station. Start with your favorite artist or genre, then let Pandora do the rest. A collection of similar songs will populate your very own, unique radio station.

FREE - Basic Service
Subscription Fee - Pandora One
Library - Over 800,000 Songs
Check it out

It's a huge catalog of over 16 Million songs all at your disposal. Just search for any artist or song you like and add it to your playlist. Or check Rhapsody's top played list to see what's hot right now. It's easy to start and it's easy to love.

Subscription Fee - Multiple Subscription Levels
Library - 16 Million Songs
Check it out
Start your free trial

Where else can you tap into Uganda On Air? TuneIn is more music then you'd know what to do with. Browse more than 50,000 radio stations around the world by artist, location, or program name. It's great not only for music, but your local sports match too.

FREE - Full Access
Library - Over 50,000 Radio Stations
Check it out

A combination of unique musical and best-of talk radio stations make up SIRIUS and XM Radio. From the hits of the 80s to Opera, there is a variety of topic driven, commercial-free stations for your anytime pleasure. And if you already have a subscription in your car, it's easy to add Internet streaming.

Subscription Fee - Multiple Subscription Levels 
Library - Over 800 Stations 
Check it out - in the USA
Start your free 30-day trial - in the USA 
Check it out - in Canada 
Start your free 7-day trial - in Canada

Stored Content

You already have a mound of CDs and a hard drive full of your downloaded music in Windows Media Player, so you'll want to listen to that music through your new high-fidelity system. The players come with special software for your computer that lets you share the stored content with the system, so you can automatically access and play that CD you bought in 1983.

Most of your music is stored in iTunes? No problem. With NuVo, your iTunes library is integrated into the NuVo system's library, so you have immediate access directly from the NuVo app.

Have a true music fetish, with a library that would rival the Grammy's archives? We support your over-the-top collection of thousands of songs. Attach any size hard drive via Ethernet to your home network and suddenly you've got all of your content, instantly categorized and ready to play.

A line-input gives you access to an endless variety of outside sources including audio from your iPod, a phone, or any other audio producing device. Just like that, you can enjoy that music from room to room through your players.

A universal serial bus (USB) port gives you access to your music stored on any USB stick of mass storage device. Just plug your device into the USB on any of the players and play from anywhere in the system.

Any content, anywhere, from any service. Just another way to make sure you get your music when you want it. If you've already downloaded several music service apps to your smartphone, just connect via Bluetooth to the P200 and instantly enjoy access to the content streaming on your phone, wirelessly. And with the latest aptX® Bluetooth Technology you can enjoy the sound advances in high definition Bluetooth streaming. This is what quality music is all about.
* Applies to P200 only

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