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Omen Bookshelf

Производитель: Zu loudspeakers & cables

The Omen Bookshelf is designed for those of us who need speakers on a shelf, but still insist on great sound. Omen bookshelf offers a similar level of performance as the floor-standing Omen but with a little less in the bottom end.

Omen Bookshelf delivers on the performance, all that Zu driver goodness and machined aluminum suggests. Our objective for the Omen series is simple, create and build loudspeakers that sound amazing, are happy with the majority of amps, with great looks, and at a price that lets every working music head on Earth afford them.

Omen Bookshelf is built to last a lifetime: cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies; every component is a quality part, creating a loudspeaker system that will continually satisfy and amaze, decade after decade.

Omen Bookshelf, like all Zu products, is built around the critical human voice (A1, 55Hz, through A6 and all the possible harmonics, to approximately 10kHz). Serving this critical region of tone is Zu's 4th generation (standard motor) 10" [26cm] paper coned full-range driver. And despite what many audio snobs might think about it based on price or it's trad' old school look, Omen bookshelf is a true, state-of-the-art loudspeaker housed in a sealed cabinet design. The core of its performance is Zu's proven 10" [26cm] full-range driver, with the addition of the high frequency diffusion detail in the face of the pole piece extension. This "phase plug" is a carry over from the research and testing we did with Essence, which gives all Zu Omen loudspeakers a more linear management of high frequencies and broader dispersion from the directly coupled to voice coil inner cone.


High effi ciency, high output, direct radiating bookshelf or stand-mount loudspeaker. Omen bookshelf features Zu's

full-range driver (Zu260FRD/G4), no crossover or fi lters on full-range driver, complimented by a composite dome timealigned

machined from billet tweeter to provide the acoustic sparkle and resolution from 12kHz and up.

Zu / orthogonal Scandinavian

October 2010 -

18 x 12 x 12 [45.8 x 30.5 x 30.5cm] each

35 pounds [16kg] each

packed as a matched pair in foam encapsulated FlexPak 44 x 17 x 17" [112 x 43 x 43cm] 80 pounds [36kg]


98dB SPL @ 1W, 1m

12Ω, nominal full bandwidth



3 feet [1m] or more

via standard 5-way binding posts: 1/4" spade [6.3mm], oversized 5/16" [8mm] spade, bare wire, banana plugs

ZuMission hookup wire

4-12 watt (average room, moderate volume)

12-36 watt (large room, loud listening)

36-200 watt (large room, concert levels)

200 watt (maximum input power)

anything that sounds good (fl oating load, any amp type or circuit is fi ne)

better than 1% driver pair matching, 0.1% on all other electrical components

1x Zu APT-L2 tweeter assembly // bandwidth: 12k-25kHz

1st order bessel @ 18kHz (12kHz acoustical) PulseX 1uF + 10Ω 10W R

1x Zu260FRD/G4, 10-1/3" full-range driver // bandwidth: 50-12kHz (direct and unfi ltered)

North American MDF skinned with real wood veneer


2x hard press-on full-range driver covers, installed

1x owner's manual

100 years; cabinet, and drivers, including the Zu 10.3" [260mm] drivers; even in direct sunlight

U.S.A. all parts and labor excluding just a few small parts


5 years limited on cabinet and drivers-warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, components upstream from the

loudspeaker system, modifi cations or non-factory service.

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